History: 1960 Championship

The 1960 National AAU Tournament

March 21-26 in Denver, Colorado Final Standings

  1. Peoria Cats, Peoria, Ill.
  2. Akron Goodyear Wingfoots, Akron, Ohio
  3. Buchan Bakers, Seattle, Wash.
  4. Phillips Oilers, Bartlesville, Okla.

Box Score, Consolation Game
Buchan Bakers (82) Seattle, Washington

Player FG FT PF TP
Don Woodworth81217
Pete Gaudin413 9
Bruno Boin142 6
Rolland Todd53213
Carroll Williams45413
Bob McLoughlin50010
Larry Chanay253 9
Dick Brott211 5

Phillips Oilers (73)
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Player FG FT PF TP
Phil Murrell102322
Tom Robitaille60212
Burdette Haldorson43311
Arnold Short120 4
Billy Evans132 5
Jim Spivey110 3
Jerry Shipp52212
Bob Plump203 4
H.E. Kirchner000 0

Buchan Bakers (90) Seattle, Washington

Player FG FT PF TP
Don Woodworth301 6
Pete Gaudin404 8
Bruno Boin332 9
Rolland Todd71215
Carroll Williams59319
Bob McLoughlin60112
Larry Chanay335 9
Dick Brott400 8
Dave Mills201 4

Goodyear Wingfoots (95) Akron, Ohio

Player FG FT PF TP
Charles Slack65117
Bill Reigel812028
James Francis62314
George Swyers101 2
Stan Kernan245 8
Ken Fairfield001 0
Jerry Wolf102 2
Cebert Price001 0
Charles Decker50110
Quitman Sullins70414

Box Score, Quarterfinal Game
Buchan Bakers (93) Seattle, Washington

Player FG FT PF TP
Pete Gaudin48516
Dave Mills74518
Bruno Boin64316
Rolland Todd42310
Carroll Williams311317
Bob McLoughlin102 2
Don Woodworth50310
Larry Chanay011 1
Dick Brott032 3

Vickers Oilers (83) Wichita, Kansas

Player FG FT PF TP
Dick Boushka88524
Dan Swartz47515
Don Boldebuck205 4
Nick Revon003 0
Lester Lane411 9
Jerry Mullen101 2
Joe King020 2
Swede Halbrook75519
Lionel Smith243 8
Lloyd Sharrar001 0

Box Score, Second Round
Buchan Bakers(94) Seattle, Washington

Player FG FT PF TP
Larry Chanay132 5
Dave Mills37313
Dick Brott42210
Bob McLoughlin011 1
Milt Williams100 2
Rolland Todd93521
Don Woodworth325 8
Pete Gaudin66318
Bruno Boin43411
Carroll Williams213 5

Olympic Club (77) San Francisco, California

Duane Asplund38314
Jack Allain76520
Dennis Fitzpatrick57517
Phil Vukicevich133 5
Charles Bogle204 4
Daniel Sullivan002 0
Joseph Barry010 1

Box Score, First Round Buchan Bakers (92) Seattle, Washington

Larry Chanay211 5
Dave Mills70014
Dick Brott51411
Bob McLoughlin221 6
Milt Williams301 6
Rolland Todd55215
Don Woodworth232 7
Pete Gaudin214 5
Bruno Boin62414
Carroll Williams411 9

Stars of Storz (80) Lincoln, Nebraska

Wilson Fitzpatrick215 5
Lyle Nannen031 3
Dick Harvey96424
Herschell Turner103023
Don Bornschlegl202 4
Ned Eckman002 0
Bob Mackie200 4
Harold Beck43011
Bruce Smith022 2
Glenn Reed200 4

AAU All-Americans (all-tournament team) for 1960

Carroll Williams, Buchan Bakers

Rolland Todd, Buchan Bakers Ben Warley, Cleveland Pipers Bill Reiger, Akron Goodyear Wingfoots Bob Boozer, Peoria Cats Charles Slack, Akron Goodyear Wingfoots Don Ohl, Peoria Cats Howie Crittendon, Peoria Cats Jim Francis, Akron Goodyear Wingfoots Phil Murrell, Bartlesville Phillips Oilers

First Round (Monday and Tuesday)

Cheyenne Merchants, Cheyenne, Wyo., 108, Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Tex., 91 Olympic Club, San Francisco, Calif., 92, Navy All-Stars 82 Buchan Bakers, Seattle, Wash., 92, Stars of Storz, Lincoln, Neb., 80 Denver D-C Truckers, Denver, Colo., 122, Cherry’s Chore Boys, Little Rock, Ark., 63 Tuck Tapers, New Rochelle, N.Y., 98, Allen Bradley, Milwaukee, Wisc., 92 Marion Kay Vanilla , Brownstown, Ind., 94, Air Force All-Stars, 80 Jamaco Saints, Chicago, Ill., 91, McDonald Scots, Lake Charles, La., 89 Army All Stars, 87, Federal Old Line Insurance, Seattle, Wash., 68 Cleveland Pipers 118, Wick’s Café, Philadelphia, Pa., 78 San Francisco Investors, San Francisco, Calif., 106, Westlink, Wichita, Kans., 72 Kirby Shoes, Los Angeles, Calif., 92, Marine All Stars 71 Beeline Gas, Salt Lake City, Utah, 94, D.C. Wrecks, Washington, D.C., 86

First round byes – Phillips Oilers, Peoria Cats, Wichita Vickers, Akron Goodyears.

Second Round (Wednesday)
Buchan Bakers 94, Olympic Club 77

Wichita Vickers 126, Cheyenne Merchants 80

New York Tuck Tapers 79, Denver D-C Truckers 75 Goodyear Wingfoots 119, Marion Kay Vanilla 107 Peoria Cats 98, Jamaco Saints 73 Cleveland Pipers 90, Army All Stars 79 San Francisco Investors 88, Kirby Shoes 70 Phillips Oilers 77, Beeline Gas 54 Quarterfinals (Thursday)

Buchan Bakers 93, Wichita Vickers 83

Goodyear Wingfoots 111, New York Tuck Tapers 97 Peoria Cats 84, Cleveland Pipers 82 Phillips Oilers 80, San Francisco Investors 78 Semifinals (Friday) Goodyear Wingfoots 95, Buchan Bakers 90 Peoria Cats 90, Phillips Oilers 76 Consolation (Saturday)

Buchan Bakers 82, Phillips Oilers 73

Championship (Saturday)

Peoria Cats 115, Goodyear Wingfoots 99